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Welcome To Our Tiger Pest Control Co.

Our professional and high quality group is based on a team of experts. The pest control service meets your high quality standards and norms. The Quality Assurance Program team always checks every step and guarantees in service all over Bangladesh.

We Provide world-class Tiger Pest Control Co. service BD with good reputations.

Our skilled and  technical Best pest control service team are very much experienced on Termite pest control services Bangladesh, Bed bug control Dhaka, Cockroach control Dhaka, Commercial pest control BD. We are also the Leading Service Provider of Pest Control service in Dhaka with Termite Control and Cockroach Control. Contact our Dhaka office if you home, office or Warehouse is in or nearby Dhaka City.We are ready to serve the better pest control service solution right now!


Tiger Pest Control Co. Service Provider In Bangladesh

Tiger Pest Control Co. Services By Our Trained Professionals.

Why Choose Tiger Pest Control Co. Service Provider In Bangladesh

We Provide The Best Services In Bnagladesh

Trained Professionals

In the pastimes of our employers, we’re professionally skilled to cope with the unfold of bugs and to hold homes, offices, academic institutions, etc. We have received understanding approximately exceptional bugs and their extermination procedure all through this time.

Latest chemicals and strategies

Our organization has been rewarded many times for our chemical and technological plans to eliminate pests from every location.

Quick response and service

With our 24-hour emergency service, you get the fastest service of your choice.

All staff have national qualification

We may have organized our staff into a different pyramid scheme, but all were equally qualified for service.

Over 5000 experiences

Experience makes people worthy of a job. Since the establishment of this company, we have been fortunate to have your trust and gain all this experience.

How We Work In Tiger Pest Control Co.

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    What Chemicals Are Best For Tiger Pest Control Co.?

    There are many pest control chemicals available, from over-the-counter solutions to specialist sprays, therefore choosing the right chemicals can pose a challenge. Using the wrong substances could make a tricky situation much worse. If you misidentify a species, there is a chance your chemicals will not work, or perhaps the pest will grow resistant to said chemical.

    Pesticides are chemicals designed to kill or harm pests. They include insecticides used for insect control, herbicides used for weed control, fungicides used for fungi and mold control, and rodenticides used for rodent control. Household pests can include insects such as flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes, or rodents like mice or rats.

    When controlling pest infestation on a large-scale farming practice, it is cost-effective to adopt the chemical pest control method.

    However, one of the major ills of this method of pest control is that a pest may develop resistance and then passes on the genetic trait to the younger generation. When this happens, there will be a need for a higher concentration of the chemical, which is more dangerous to the environment.

    Household pesticides can be purchased from supermarkets or hardware stores, and are designed for householders to use around their home or garden. Although you can easily obtain household pesticides, this does not mean that they are harmless. They are toxic and if used carelessly, they may affect the health of the user, their family, pets, or the environment.

    So What Chemicals Are Best To Use?

    Crop Star

    CROP STAR is a unique Water Soluble Powder formulation of biological consortia that incorporates a variety of biofertilizer and biofungistatic cultures, mycorrhizhae, seaweed derivatives, humic and fulvic substances and vitamins that work together to stimulate rooting and growth in the early stages of crop development. It can be applied as seed dressing nursery drench and main field spray. Crop Star imparts stress resistance to plants to withstand biotic and abiotic stresses and induces profuse rooting that promotes plant growth and development right from the early stages of crop.


    Nitro insecticide is a combination of two active ingredients, Chlorpyrifos and Cypermethrin. Nitro pesticide contains a broad spectrum of insecticides, protecting with contact and stomach action against pests and insects including giant mealybug, fruit borers, stem borers, pod borers, leaf miners, caterpillars, sucking pests, various mites, etc. Among gardeners, Nitro insecticide is known as a mealybug destroyer, it works really well against this insect.

    Bleaching Powder

    It is used for bleaching dirty clothes in the laundry, as a bleaching agent for cotton and linen in the textile industry. It is a strong oxidizing agent, hence used as an oxidizer in many industries. It is used as a disinfectant which is used for disinfecting water to make potable water


    Regent is a fipronil-based phenylpyrazole insecticide that is highly effective in controlling stem borers and leaf benders in rice and termites and early budding borers in sugarcane. more productive tillers, etc., resulting in higher yields.

    Our Valuable Clients





    What is Pest Control Service?

    There are people who think of bugs or insects when they hear the word “pests” and some people think of squirrels, raccoons, rats (in some areas even deer are considered “insects”! So what is pest control? “pests” is an insect, rat, or wild animal that is considered noxious because it attacks, damages, or increases the risk of disease in a person’s home or business. Integrated pest management is the management or control of a species of insect or insects where any member of the Animal Kingdom Affects Human Activities
    . Insects or humans cause problems because of insects. Professional pest specialists control pests using mechanical equipment and a natural or chemical compound. There are different situations for bed bugs in different seasons. As winter and monsoons come, bed bug activity increases. There are several examples of insect growth under seasonal conditions. Insects also change their route at different times of the year. Pest control treatment also differs in the pest control situation. There are also differences in the use of chemicals and traps depending on the location and activity of the pest.

    Why Pest Control Service is Important?

    Bangladesh is a land of variations. Funny but true, it applies to pests too. Although people here generally do not think that pests do much harm. The number of diseases and health problems caused by uncontrolled pests each year is staggering. We also tend to lose crops and industrial materials due to pests.These can cause long-lasting economic damage. Problems related to pests aren’t serious until they are revealed to be bringing with them a storm bigger than anyone can imagine. They say prevention is better than cure. Although we don’t have many resources for it, we can control them for as long as possible. Better pest management can also reduce the damage they cause. The ultimate result can ensure a healthy life for all sectors.

    আপনি কি তেলাপোকা, উইপোকা, ছারপোকা, ইঁদুর, মশা, মাছি, পিঁপড়া, সাপ ও অন্যান্য পোকামাকড়ের আক্রমণ এর কারণে ভুগছেন?আমরা আমাদের বাসা,বাড়ি, অফিস, গার্মেন্টস, ফ্যাক্টরি, ব্যবসা প্রতিষ্ঠান বা আমার কর্মস্থলে বিভিন্ন ধরেনের পোকামাকড় ইঁদুর, তেলাপোকা, সারপোকা, উলিপোকা,আরশোলা, সাপ এবং বিভিন্ন ধরেনের কীটপতঙ্গেরউপদ্রব দেখতে পাই। এগুলো মাঝে মাঝে আমাদের অনেক ক্ষতির কারণ হয়ে দাঁড়ায়। সেজন্য এগুলো নির্মূল করা খুবই জরুরী।১৯৯৫ সাল হতে সুনামের সাথে আমরা পোকামাকড় দমনের সেবা দিয়ে আসছি।

    Our Service Safe

    Since we are always dealing with large amounts of chemicals, this is a common question, or perhaps the word should refer to whether we are safe. We understand the concerns before providing services; We stand in the shoes of our employers. That’s why we decided to find an explanation of how we provide secure services. Our chemical technology is linked and safety certificate is available. be if there is only one mistake. That is why we take maximum safety precautions for our guests. Chemicals and systems are pre-tested for the safety of users and the space they provide for cleaning.